After all, curiosity brought you here.

Reading this.

"What is this?" you wonder quietly to yourself. "A mysterious ad with no business name? No address? Just a code to scan? It doesn't make sense." You're right. It doesn't. 

Most people don't pay attention, but you're different. You're curious. You're adventurous. You're willing to explore, to try something new, and see what happens next.

So you follow your heart, and you follow the ad. In doing so, you arrive here: on a webpage with adorable puppies promoting what?

An ad agency. 

Suddenly you're flummoxed. Your mind races. "Have I been reading an ad this entire time?"

Yes, yes you have. 

If you've made it this far then BRAH-VO friend. Your reward? Non-stock photos of the agency staff's pups. 


Well - first - we're always looking for clients who are as curious and open to adventure as you are. And second - we thought that unexpected pictures of puppies is the kind of low-stakes pleasant surprises we need these days.

Visit our real site here - or check out our pups below.