A Vision for the Future

In November 2018 the City of Hot Springs announced that “The Majestic Site” was ready for redevelopment and open for public input. Located in the heart of the Central Avenue Historic District and within walking distance of Hot Springs National Park, the future redevelopment on this five-acre plot of land stands to have a significant and lasting impact on neighboring businesses, residents, and organizations.

The Hot Springs Board of Directors urge the public to consider four key qualities in recommending projects: “enhance economic opportunities; improve the local quality of life and enhance the visitor experience; celebrate the natural wonder of the city’s thermal water; and respect the arts, culture,¬†and history of Hot Springs.”

Hot Springs Fifty for the Future, a community advocacy organization, concurs with the values established by the City of Hot Springs leadership and offers a vision that embraces the natural resources that are the namesake of our hometown.