Jaeco Orthopedic

Jaeco Orthopedic

About the Project

Since 1955, Jaeco Orthopedic has been developing and manufacturing upper extremity orthopedics. The assistive devices were designed for patients living with cerebral palsy, ALS, multiple sclerosis, injury, or other conditions that result in limited mobility of the upper body.  The client hired SixtyOne Celsius to build an updated website that made it easier for doctors, patients, families, and physical therapists to discover their business; incorporate existing video content showcasing the products in action; and assist Jaeco with developing an online estimate request system to assist their sales team.

Project Objectives

  • Updated content outline to simplify the user experience
  • Employed professional photography of key products and models for the website
  • Edited existing product photography to create a clean, cohesive visual aesthetic
  • Implemented e-commerce functionality that simplified the estimate request process for both web visitors as well as Jaeco sales representatives
  • Embedded existing videos showcasing the orthopedic products
  • Integrated calendar application that allows visitors to view and request an online webinar, training session, or consultation

Our Services

Photography, Website Design & Hosting, E-Commerce, SEO, Social Media (Set-Up)